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E-News for May 15, 2013

posted May 19, 2013, 7:52 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 19, 2013, 12:15 PM ]
In this Week's Monticello E-News
  1. Greetings from Pastor Rob
  2. This Weekend in Worship
  3. Stay in the Discussion
  4. Incredible Music Ahead in Worship
  5. New Staff Member
  6. Vacation Bible School 2013
  7. Youth Summer Mission Trip 2013
  8. Expanded Ministries for Children Coming this Fall
  9. Be the Change through the Prayer Chain
  10. United Methodist Night at the "K"
  11. Are we ever getting a church directory?
  12. Church Night at Theater in the Park
  13. Thanks!
  14. Mark these Special Dates Ahead
Greetings from Pastor Rob
As we enter graduation weekend, I'm reminded of how important our teenagers are to us both as families and as a church.  Michelle, my daughter, will graduate from high school this weekend.  It's a time of new beginnings, a time of celebration, and a time of challenge for her as she heads off into a new world.  

Do you ever think of church that way?  A time of new beginnings, a time of celebration, and a time of challenge?  What does God challenge us as Monticello UMC to do and to be in the world today?  As we prepare for the sermon series, "Dreaming," I'm looking for your thoughts and ideas.  Where do you hear God calling us to do in today's culture to serve Jesus Christ?  Email me your thoughts anytime.  After all, it's not just pastors that are called to serve God--it's all of us.  So, let us know what you feel called to do and to be as the church today.  

I hope you'll join me in worship and in celebration for all those graduating this weekend.  See you soon!
Pastor Rob
This Weekend in Worship

We'll continue our series called, "In the Beginning...GOD."  As Christians, we're faced with difficult questions about the creation of the world.  We struggle to find answers in a world where science and Christianity seem to be in conflict.  How old is the earth?  How should we understand the creation story in light of scientific theories today?  
Join Pastor Rob as we explore the early portions of the Book of Genesis and come to a better theological understand during "In the Beginning...GOD."  This weekend is also Mother's Day, so bring the family along!  
Stay in the Discussion!

Monticello now has a presence on Facebook both as a "group" and as a "page."  In addition, our youth also have their own group too.  If you're a Facebook user, stay in the discussion today and become a member of the "group" at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/276468038357/.  Once we receive your request to join, we'll approve it right away and you'll get updates first on Facebook and even get the chance to comment and provide feedback.
If you're a teenager or the parent of one in our group, you can also join our youth group on Facebook. However, we limit this just to those involved currently. Join the youth Facebook group today at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/276468038357/#!/groups/246653995432259/.
Our page is also open to everyone with some basic information on it. It's here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/276468038357/#!/pages/Monticello-United-Methodist-Church/120618051284527. But, we encourage you to join the "group" to be in the loop the most as you can add comments there.
Incredible Music Ahead in Worship!
On Memorial Day weekend, May 26, Monticello is so pleased to welcome to worship Diane Robertson.  Diane is a professional vocalist, performer at the Lyric Opera, actress, and host of TV's "Down the Road."  Diane brings an incredible vocal gift to use on Memorial Day weekend.  Be sure to join us!

Then, on Father's Day, June 19, we'll welcome national recording artists, "The Ascension Quartet."  This male quartet has traveled all over the country singing traditional southern Gospel music.  You'll love their low bass voice (think Oak Ridge Boys low bass) and high tenor mixed with their tenor and baritone voices.  Together, they'll lead us in worship on June 19.  Be sure to join us for this awesome day of music, and bring dad along too!

New Staff Member
We welcome to our staff, Courtney Felzke, the new director of student ministries.  She will lead our children's ministries, youth ministries, and our new ministry to college students.  It is a joy to have here here.  Courtney brings a seminary background, a wealth of experience in the church and in healthcare, and a love for children and teenagers.  She is studying to become an ordained deacon, a pastor focused on connecting, serving, and being the hands and feet of Christ in the world.  We are so excited God has called her to serve here at Monticello.  Be sure to offer her a warm welcome!!

Vacation Bible School 2013
Hey parents of kids ages 4 through grade 5, this summer's Vacation Bible School dates are July 22-25.  This 4-day experience, called the Everywhere Fun Fair is themed around a carnival!!  Yep, that means food, fun, and lots of time to experience Jesus Christ being "everywhere" in our world.  Registration information will be coming out soon.  But, mark those dates and be sure to join us for VBS 2013!!!!

Youth Mission Trip 2013
Calling all youth grade 6 and up!!  This summer's mini-mission trip will be June 27-30.  We'll be headed out of town for 2 days of service, 1 day of lots of fun, and a day to worship a church very different from our own.  Bring the smores, the swimming suit, work gloves, and a desire to have fun and experience Jesus Christ with your friends!  More information coming soon, but be sure to mark those dates for this summer's mini-mission trip!

Expanded Ministries for Children Coming this Fall
Have you ever noticed how tough children can be in worship sometimes?  I never really noticed, until I had a 4-year old.  Parents, you can have your work cut out for you.  Plus, we all want to bless our children with the love and nurture of a Christian Community.   Moms and dads, we have heard your voices!  You want more programming for your children. So, the Church Council at Monticello has approved expanding our ministries for children in the upcoming months!

Be the Change through the Prayer Chain
Our updated prayer chain is now in full operation.  Each week (and sometimes more often for emergencies), prayer chain participants receive an email with the current prayer needs appropriate for the public.  Sign up today by emailing Cindy Hedges, our administrative assistant, and join us a we BE THE CHANGE through prayer.  

United Methodist Night at the "K"
All are welcome to come to United Methodist Night at the "K" where we gather to watch Royals baseball, fellowship, and enjoy the summer weather!  The game is on Friday, May 24.  Tickets are already sold out through the church, but you can join us at the game in section 424.  Just get tickets at the stadium.  Hope to see you there!

Are we ever getting a church directory?
Yes!!!  We've been a little behind on this project.  But, we are so pleased to have Debi Sokol assisting us now with the data entry.  Debi is working to ensure names, addresses, phones, and pictures match.  Our pastors are working on the facing pages of the directory.  There will also be a memorial page in the back with those who have left us in the last year.  We'll be offering a proof for everyone to check in the upcoming weeks.  Then, the company will print the directories in June.  Look to receive these very soon!

Church Night at Theater in the Park
As we study Genesis and creation, we'll also fellowship with our whole church.  Join us for an evening at Shawnee Mission Theater in the Park for the show called, "Children of Eden."  This is a partially truthful, partially fictional story of creation set to music.  It's a fun show, appropriate for the entire family and will be a great fellowship outing for the entire church.   It's on Friday, June 14.  Tickets will be available soon at the Connection Point and online.

Thank you to so many, including these...
  • Susan Cockrum as UMW president, the UMW Board, and all the volunteers who served at the Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends event for UMW last weekend.  It was a huge success!
  • The families of Dennise McCurdy and June Rush and all those that donated to the memorials which helped us purchase the new handbell choir.
  • Debi Sokol for working so hard on the church directory
  • Mike Wood, UMM, Bill Plummer, and all the volunteers who finished the speaker mounts in fellowship hall and worked so hard to paint and remodel the children's center
  • Gayla Hougham, Teri Griffin, and all the MCCC teachers for a wonderful graduation this week!
Mark these Special Dates Ahead
See the details of these events on our church calendar.
  • Sunday, May 19, In the Beginning Sermon Series and special announcement about Children's Programming
  • Saturday, May 24, Family Night at the "K"
  • Friday, June 14, Church Night at Theater in the Park
  • June 27-30, Youth Mission Trip
  • July 22-25, Vacation Bible School