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E-News for February 19, 2013

posted Feb 19, 2013, 8:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 19, 2013, 10:40 AM ]
In this Week's Monticello E-News
  1. Greetings from Pastor Rob
  2. This Weekend in Worship--Journey to Hope, day 2
  3. Prayer Partners Begin this Week--Do you have one?
  4. New Lenten Classes Started Last Sunday--It's not too late!
  5. Youth to Sky-Zone and Lock-in Friday Night--Sign up now!
  6. Announcing our youngest member
  7. Mark these Special Dates Ahead
Greetings from Pastor Rob
It's hard to believe Lent has already started.  After all, it seems as if we just finished Christmas.  In our century, we forget the disciples would have walked with Jesus for many years.  So, in the minds of society, there would have been about 33 years between the time of Jesus' birth and his crucifixion.  Imagine if we as a church today celebrated Christmas, waited 33 years, and then entered Lent. 
For us today, that means that we get in a patter, or a rut of celebrating Christmas, then Lent, then Easter, and then some "down-time" as people sometimes describe it.  The result is we get used to this pattern and tend to forget its significance in the lives of early Christians and in our lives still today.
My challenge to you as your pastor this year is to make a committment to make Lent (and Christmas) new each year.  Come back to church as if this is a new, first-time experience to walk with Jesus on a Journey to Hope.  If you are out of town, find a local church to visit on Sunday.  If you are here and well, make a committment to be in worship each week through Lent.  Maybe you could event plan to attend those special services like Maundy Thursday and Good Friday too.  By doing so, we intentionally engage in our own Journey to Hope too.
Many blessings to you this Lenten season!  We are always here if you need us.
Pastor Rob
This Weekend in Worship
We'll head into week 2 of Lent in our series called Journey to Hope.  In a world where identity and self-image can make or break the journey, do you base your identity on who peole say you are or who you know God created you to be?  Finding a firm foundation in who you are called to be will help you overcome obstacles in life.  Join us this weekend as we continue our Journey to Hope.  Learn more here.
Prayer Partners Begin this Week--Do you have one?
In week 1 of our Lenten series, Journey to Hope, we considered approaching God with the vulnerability of a child.  Then, we come together as the church, the body of Christ, to share those vulnerabilities and grow in our love of Christ and each other.  So, we took on a challenge to receive a prayer partner, a person to walk with us through Lent in prayer.  It's simple...from now through Easter, gather at home, on the phone, or at a local coffee shop for a time of fellowship and prayer with a new friend from church.  We had the opportunity to request a specific person or to branch out and meet someone new.
After lots of requests came in for a prayer partner, we are making those matches now in the office.  We pray over each request and ask God to guide us to the perfect match.  Maybe you missed worship last weekend or maybe you have considered it and want a partner too!  If so, just email Pastor Rob today and ask for one as we are finishing up the matches now 
New Lenten Classes--It's Not too Late
During Lent, we have our next round of classes for all ages.  We started last week, but it's not too late to join!  Just show-up for any Sunday class.  For the Journey group, just call or email the office to get connected.
  • For Children:
    • JAM Time (Jesus and Me), for children preschool through grade 5, Sundays at 9:15am in the children's center.  Drop off between 8:55am and 9:15am.  Please return for them by 10:05am.
  • For Teens:
    • The Well, for youth in grades 6-12, in the Student Center.
  • For adults:
    • Pathfinders, for adults, led by Jim Reynolds in the chapel.
    • Lenten Spirituality--a Study of Spiritual Disciplines, a short-term class, led by our pastors, in the sanctuary.  This is an opportunity to grow more deeply in your walk with Christ this Lent.
    • Parenting in a Multi-Media Driven World, a short-term class for adults, led by Kathy Hodges, in the Castle Room.  Join us as we develop new friendships with other parents and explore the means of raising children that love God in the midst of a multi-media world.
    • Tuesday Journey Group, a mid-week opportunity to gather, grow, fellowship, and study God's word together.  Meets at the home of Kathy and Bill Musgrave on Tuesday evenings.  Call Kathy Limkemann at (816) 820-6014 or email her to sign-up and get directions.
Youth to Sky Zone and Lock-in Friday Night
Calling all youth in grades 6-12!!!  Join us as we gather for a night of fun and friends!  We'll meet at the church by 7:00pm Friday night, February 22.  Together, we'll head for Sky Zone, a trampoline park in Shawnee, for games and fun!  Imagine jumping from trampoline to trampoline, including the walls!  Then, we'll come back to the church for food, movies, games, and fun!  Pick-up at 7:00am on Saturday morning.  To be a part, email Pastor Erin or call the church office today to sign-up.
Announcing our newest member
Miles Cone was born to Michael Cone and Janie Barth-Cone on Friday.  Pastor Rob and Pastor Erin were present to pray for the family just before the birth.  So, join us in offering your congratulations and prayers for Miles and family.  Both baby and parents are doing great.

Mark these Special Dates Ahead
  • Friday, February 22, 2013...Youth Lock-in
  • Saturday, March 2...Combined UMW and UMM Red-Bird Mission Event
  • Saturday, March 16...Chili Cook-off
  • Sunday, March 24...Palm Sunday worship at 10:30am
  • Thursday, March 28...Maundy Thursday worship at 7:00pm
  • Friday, March 29...Good Friday worship at 2:00pm
  • Friday, March 29...Chancel Choir Cantata at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, March 30...Easter Egg Hunt for Children!!
  • Sunday, March 31...Easter Worship at 8:00am and 10:30am