Serve the Homeless

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Please join us as we travel and go out into the community "To Serve" at Lazarus's Table at Grand Avenu
e Temple. We will be serving lunch, buffet-style to approximately 350 homeless Sojourners. The cooking will be done for us, so we simply need to help with some set-up. 
We first will attend the morning worship service at Grand Avenue Temple which promises to be an energetic and enlightening experience.
After the Worship Service we will serve the Sojourners and then do light clean-up, before traveling home. We should be done by 1:30pm and be back to Monticello by 2:00pm.
Ten to twelve volunteers are needed to serve, but additional volunteers are invited to come along and mingle with the people during lunch. High School students may serve providing a parent is present.
Come experience the joy of serving!

Date & Time
February 22, 2014 and/or March 2, 2014
Lazarus' Table, Grand Avenue Temple
Registration Information:
At church: Connection Point
By phone: Call the church office at 913-441-1435 with questions

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